WHO WE ARE An Introduction - Microsquad

Microsquads is a independent leading technical support provider which non-stop support to its consumers and business across the world. We focus on making technology simpler for the people by providing technical support solutions for computer and its peripheral devices.

With the help of cutting edge technology and tools, Microsquads offers dedicated support to thousands of our clients. We provide 24 x 7 support, 365 days a year. Our team of certified experts provide install remote help for home and office devices. We covers problems with computer and devices like Installation of software, optimization of computer, printer installation and fixing internet related problems.

You can leave all problems related to computer on our experts, just sit back and relax. Your computer will again run like new – we resolve simple to complex computer technical issues within no time.

How We Fix Computer Problem Instantly?

How we - call us

You call Microsquads at
& explains the problem

How we -instant repair

Our Certified Technicians remotely
access your devices like

How we - Instant Support

and issues get resolved from
the comfort of your home

What makes us different from others? We focus on customer satisfaction & Instant resolution

High Resolution Rate upto 98.99%

Certified Personal Technician

Fastest Remote Access via Phone & Chat

Live 24 x 7 Support Anytime, Anywhere

Wide Range of Technical Support which covers all types of computer problems