Support for Antivirus

No matter how secure your network is, there is always a chance for your computer to get infected by a virus, adware, spyware or other malware. Thieves are getting moreĀ  and more sharper in their efforts, sending malicious software with the help of email or capturing your personal data for fraudulent use. Microsquads is always there to provide support for antivirus program which is installed on the computer to protect your computer.

Whatever you do online it bring closer to various threats and most of the time malicious attacks affect your computer during the routine task that your just perform every day. There are many security software which you easily can get like McAfee, Norton, Avast, AVG, Panda, Viper, Webroot and kaspersky online and they all do a good job. Sometime a small change in configuration of these program or corruption may leads to exposure of malicious programs to affect the computer.

Support for Antivirus

Fix Antivirus Problem Online.

Microsquads provide support for antivirus in resolving problem with well-known security program and also help you optimizing your computer and also in removal of various kind of infection from the computer with our expertise. Microsquads is dedicated to protect your personal data. We always support your and help in identifying the correct program for your specific needs and will help you with valuable support through installation and configuration, answering any valuable question or concerns you might have along the way. If you have security program in place, we will make sure that it is updated to the newest version in order to protect your from upcoming threats as well as any new threats that may be encountered.


We never compromise with your computer’s performance or slowing down your network in process so we make sure your computer is cleaned with all junks and infections is removed from the computer. In addition, our technical help are affordable and provide real-time monitoring in order to lower down the risk of malicious threats.

Microsquads provide support for antivirusĀ and help in cleaning the computer system from infections. We provide cleanup service on regular interval of time i.e. once a month to ensure that computer is infection free and computer security is updating on time to time and not facing any problem on the computer.

Microsquads ensure that firewall of your computer system or security system is properly configured to create a shield across the computer system to protect it against the infection or bombarding of threats.

Our team of experts are capable of supporting any security software and we highly recommend to keep these software problem free without any exposure to infections. General support for security software included in our monthly and yearly unlimited technical support plans.

Support for Antivirus