How to Clean HP Printer Rollers?

In order to keep working good shape of your printer time to time always clean your HP Printer Rollers so, below are the few easy steps to Clean HP Printer Rollers by HP Printer Support experts.

Clean HP Printer Rollers

Steps to Clean HP Printer Rollers

Step 1: Before you remove the HP Printer power cables first user needs to switch off the device.

Step 2: Gently open the printer access door and expose the printer device roller.

Step 3: Carefully remove the all papers from your printer paper tray.

Step 4: User can find the printer rollers underneath side of the device.

Step 5: Now gently rotate your HP Printer rollers.

Step 6: Once you remove the HP Printer Rollers now carefully clean it.

Step 7: Make sure while cleaning the device rollers your cloth would be lint free.

Step 8: Gently clean your roller and properly dry your HP Printer rollers.

Step 9: Before user put the printer rollers back be sure it would be cleaned properly.

Step 10: User needs to dry the rollers first before using to your device again.

Step 11: If user using the LaserJet printers then, they can find the rollers near to paper tray.

Step 12: If user not able to find the printer rollers so, try the printer access door.

Step 13: If user notable to rotate the roller manually then unsnaps the clip.

Step 14: To avoid the future damages do not use solvents altogether as well.

Step 15: Be sure remove the all dirt from your HP Printer rollers.

Step 16: Once your cleaning procedure is done then put the printer roller back.

Step 17: Now re-plug the all powers cables and put some papers in the paper tray.  

Step 18: Turn on your device and do some print job to get the idea is the printer working or not.

Step 19: Most important tip to extend the life of your HP Printer regular maintenance plays the important role.

HP Printer Technical Support Number

After following the procedure if user still not able to Clean HP Printer rollers so, we recommend you to contact HP Printer Help by dialing the Toll-Free number 1-800-576-9647. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you.