How to Clear Brother Printer Drum Error Message?

The Brother Printer Drum Error indicated due to unclean corona wire or printer drum needs to be re-placed. Below are the few steps to resolve and Clear Brother Printer Drum Error Message by Printer Support experts.

Clear Brother Printer Drum Error Message

Steps to Clear Brother Printer Drum Error Message

Step 1: Carefully open the device front cover and gently remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly from your product.

Step 2: Properly place the drum and toner assembly with the piece of paper in case, if it’s spilled.

Step 3: Also, clean the corona wire inside from the drum unit.

Step 4: Properly slide the green tab from your device.

Step 5: If the green tab is not moving to the home position.

Step 6: Then printed pages will be vertical stripe down to the page.

Step 7: While confronting the drum and toner cartridge, on the correct side of the drum are two little bits of metal that resemble staples and a metal bar standing out of the side.

Step 8: Tidy up each of these with a delicate DRY build up free material.

Step 9: Gently re-install the toner and drum assembly from the device.

Step 10: After that close the front cover of your printer.

Step 11: Make sure user using the genuine Brother toner and drum to avoid these issues.

Step 12: We always recommends using genuine Brother Drum units and toner cartridges.

Step 13: Due to non-genuine parts may affect on your Brother Printer hardware and performance, print quality and machine reliability will be very less.

Step 14: Also, Brother Printer Drum warranty does not apply on third party drum units, toner or cartridges.

Step 15: If user not able to use the new drum, so may be new drum is not installed properly.

Printer Toll Free Number

If the Brother Printer Drum Error Message still persist after replacing the drum unit that indicates your Brother Printer required expert advice. Just dial the Printer Toll- Free Number 1-800-576-9647 to connect with our qualified experts and get the instant solution for brother printer related issues.