How to Connect a Wireless HP Printer?

Are you facing any error in your HP Wireless Printer while connecting to a laptop? Doesn’t worry read the easy steps to Connect a Wireless HP Printer by HP Printer Support experts.

Connect a Wireless HP Printer

Easy Steps to Connect a Wireless HP Printer

Step 1: Before you first remove the wireless HP Printer from the boxes.

Step 2: Switch on your wireless HP Printer device.

Step 3: With the help of touch screen, user can connect from the wireless network.

Step 4: Push device right arrow and press setup installation option.

Step 5: Go to the menu option and select network.

Step 6: Choose Wireless Setup Wizard from your network menu.

Step 7: Search the wireless routers signal from your available network. 

Step 8: Choose your Network (SSID).

Step 9: Then type the WEP/WPA passphrase (password).

Step 10: After that push OK.

Step 11: Once you complete then push OK to print.

Step 12: User can also skip the wireless report as well.

Step 13: Also, while using the Ethernet connection make sure, your wireless system is disable at that time.

Step 14: User can also choose the Ethernet connection and skip to installing printer software as well.

Step 15: Make sure your SSID name would be different from your other networks.

Step 16: Also, if user doesn’t know the WEP or WPA so, you can check back of your router.

Step 17: User can read the manual guide as well, which is comes from your product.

Step 18: Properly install the all printer software and drivers on each and every computer.

Step 19: User can install the required software from the installation CD.

Step 20: You may download the drivers and software from the HP website, if you don’t have the installation CD with you.

Step 21: Carefully install the all required software and drivers and complete the connection between your pc/laptop and your HP printer device.

Step 22: Once you complete the procedure and then try to print.

HP Printer Toll Free Number

If you unable to Connect a Wireless HP Printer after installation. Please get in touch with HP Wireless Printer Support Number 1-800-576-9647 and get the best and instant solution for your concern.