How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7?

While using the computer or laptop if user facing the Blue Screen Error however; if the Windows 7 restarts at the same time and user not able to  read the error then follow the below instructions to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 by Windows Technical Support.

Steps to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7

Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7

Step 1: First user needs to right-click on computer or laptop.

Step 2: After that go to the properties.

Step 3: Select advanced tab option.

Step 4: Once you reach on recovery section then click the Settings button option.

Step 5: Make sure that automatically restart option must be unchecked.

Step 6: Otherwise user will be not able to read the error.

Step 7: Then click ok.

Step 8: If user not able to boot into Windows then you can try for Safe Mode as well.

Step 9: Now re-start your computer or laptop.

Step 10: Push F8 sooner than the Windows logo appears on your computer screen.

Step 11: With the help of arrow keys select the Safe Mode option from your computer boot menu.

Step 12: Then press enter key to proceed.

Step 13: User can re-store the windows as well.

Step 14: Also, if your windows computer update are enabled to install the updates by itself then user can install manually as well.

Step 15: Make sure user using the latest drivers as well.

Step 16: Numerous blue screen errors caused due to mismatched driver.

Step 17:  Also, windows 7 has quite a few utility tools that helps you to identify the problem and fix the issue as well.

Step 18: User can choose both of the options such as automatically fix or scan the problem manually as well.

Step 19: If re-pair your computer or laptop is not listed or if user not able to find that option.

Step 20: It means that your computer or laptop doesn’t have the pre-installed recovery choice existing in your device.

Step 21: Then user can use the original installation disk or a recovery disk as well to fix the problem.

Windows Support Phone Number

After following the all above steps, if you still not able to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 then feel free to contact Windows Support Phone Number 1-800-576-9647 and get the best solution for your concern.