How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7?

While using the computer or laptop if user-facing the Blue Screen Error, however; if the Windows 7 restarts at the same time and the user not able to read the error then follow the below instructions to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7 by Windows Technical Support.

Steps to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7

Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7

1: The First user needs to right-click on the computer or laptop.

2: After that go to the properties.

3: Select the advanced tab option.

4: Once you reach on recovery section then click the Settings button option.

5: Make sure that automatically restart option must be unchecked.

6: Otherwise user will be not able to read the error.

7: Then click ok.

8: If the user not able to boot into Windows then you can try for Safe Mode as well.

9: Now restart your computer or laptop.

10: Push F8 sooner than the Windows logo appears on your computer screen.

11: With the help of arrow keys select the Safe Mode option from your computer boot menu.

12: Then press enters the key to proceed.

13: Users can restore the windows as well.

14: Also, if your windows computer update is enabled to install the updates by itself then the user can install manually as well.

15: Make sure the user using the latest drivers as well.

16: Numerous blue screen errors caused due to mismatched drivers.

17:  Also, windows 7 has quite a few utility tools that help you to identify the problem and fix the issue as well.

18: Users can choose both of the options such as automatically fix or scan the problem manually as well.

19: If re-pair your computer or laptop is not listed or if the user not able to find that option.

20: It means that your computer or laptop doesn’t have the pre-installed recovery choice existing in your device.

21: Then the user can use the original installation disk or a recovery disk as well to fix the problem.

Windows Support Phone Number

Windows Live support Chat now

After following the all above steps, if you are still not able to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7 then feel free to contact Windows Support Phone Number 1-800-576-9647 and get the best solution for your concern.