How to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4?

If you’re HP Printer flashing the 50.4 error code that indicates your printer needs a fuser replacement sometimes wiring is also, the cause of fuser failure system. In order to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4 user needs to follow the few steps by Printer Technical Support team.

Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4

Steps to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4

Step 1: First of all cancel the all printing job and cancel the pending printing queue as well.

Step 2: Switch off your printer device.

Step 3: Leave your Printer machine for 35 to 40 minutes.

Step 4: After 40 minutes, turn it on your printer machine.

Step 5: Error code 50.4 means, user needs to replace the fuser.

Step 6: If again and again users facing the same issue please change your fuser.

Step 7: If user not change the fuser so, may be in future cause will breakdown your device.

Step 8: So to avoid the error code 50.4 please change your device fuser without delaying.

Step 9: Make sure buy the correct and right fuser to avoid the further problems.

Step 10: Also, if the issue is due to insufficient power supply then user can use the low voltage power supply as well.

Step 11: Make sure user knows such as most of the HP printer runs with 43 to 67Hz frequency.

Step 12: Be sure while switching off the printer also remove the printer power cables as well.

Step 13: Wait another 40 minutes again and reconnect the power cables.

Step 14: Now switch on your printer device and continue printing when it’s ready.

Note: After the re-starting the Printer device, if it’s working again so keep in mind this is a temporary solution, do not consider as a permanent solution.      

HP Printer Technical Support Number

However; after following the all required steps, if user still facing the HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4 please get in touch with HP Printer Support by dialing the Toll Free Number 1-800-576-9647 for your concern and get the instant solution to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4.