How to Reset Lost Hotmail Password?

If you are not able to use your Hotmail account and also, not able to re-set you’re lost Hotmail email account password. Please follow the few easy steps to Reset Lost Hotmail Password by Hotmail Support experts.

Steps to Reset Lost Hotmail Password

Reset Lost Hotmail Password

1: the First user needs to open the Hotmail account if the Hotmail account is already opened so, no need to open it again.

2: User can only reset the Hotmail password if the user never signed the Hotmail account on the smartphone or tablet.

3: Also, not recently changed any kind of password.

4: Now enter your Hotmail email id and if the user has any work email account then enter the work email account.

5: Once you type the email address then the next option for password then carefully types the correct password in the password box.

6: If the user doesn’t remember the password then click on forget the password.

7: After that choose the option to recover your email password.

8: Once you type the email address in the email box then enter the characters you see on the options page.

9: Carefully type the verification code as well.

10: Now it will ask you how would user like to get the security code.

11: To verify your email account also, complete the unseen fraction and click send code and receive your email code.

12: If the user hasn’t registered any backup phone number, then the user can check their Email for the recovery option.

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13: If the user didn’t register any backup email or phone number, then choose I don’t have any of these options, or tap next.

14: If you have the recovery email then type the backup email address.

15: Carefully follow the on-screen directions. This will help you get your email account back.

16: Carefully type the recovery code and this will take you to the email password reset page.

17: Now create the password and re-enter the same password again.

18: After that push next and use the password which you created.

19: Now go to the Hotmail login page and sign in.

Hotmail Toll Free Number

Hotmail Recovery Support Phone Number

After following the above steps, if the user is still not able to Reset the Lost Hotmail Password then get in touch Hotmail Toll-Free Number 1-800-576-9647 for further assistance and get the instant solution for your Hotmail email account.