Blue screen error technically called stop error. This occurs when Windows suffers a serious problem and does not work efficiently. sometimes It indicates a system crash in which the system has reached the end of its working or to the condition where it can no longer operate safely. It is called a blue screen error because it displays warning messages on the screen.

Windows Slue Screen Error

Windows 10 blue screen Error

How it occurs

This blue screen error occurs when there is a problem with computer hardware. This error occurs when Windows suffers a STOP error. This error does not allow the computer to function accurately. This failure causes Windows to crash or stop working. There can be many reasons for occurring blue screen error. It can be caused due to poorly written device drivers, malfunctioning of hardware, overheating of hardware and it’s components, fault in power supplies or fault in memory, etc. These reasons can cause a Windows 10 blue screen error.

How to fix it

1-    Disable automatic restart-

In most cases, windows restart automatically when this error occurs. So to disable it hold the STOP error screen for some time.

a-     Right-click on PC.

b-     Go to properties.

c-      On the left-hand side, click Advanced system settings.

d-     Under startup and recovery, click settings.

e-     Under the system, failure unmark automatically restart, Click OK

2-    Check viruses

Viruses or data corruption can be the reason for the blue screen error. To resolve this use antivirus software which might result in a full scan of your computer and might be possible that the problem of blue screen error is resolved.

3-    Windows update-

The system should be regularly updated with the latest security patches and other updates. This step can also fix blue screen error to prevent them from appearing on the screen.

4-    Update hardware-

Fault in drivers or faulty hardware can cause blue screen error on the screen. So updating and repairing the hard drives and drivers may resolve the problem.

Universal Windows drivers take care of updates but it might be possible that windows can’t update drivers automatically, you might need to do it manually by downloading by yourself.

5-    Preventing from overheating-

The higher temperature of hardware and its components can cause a blue screen error on the system. So to prevent this you must clean your machinery and its components regularly.

6-    Boot to safe mode-

Windows users use safe mode if any problem occurs on the system. So the problem of blue screen error can also be resolved by using safe mode.

When you use the safe mode of Windows, only the essential Windows services and drivers load. So in many cases, the problem of blue skin is fixed but still, if it is not fixed then might be possible that any third party driver has caused blue screen error on your system.

How to use safe mode in Windows?

a- Go to Settings > Update & Recovery > Recovery.

b- Under Advanced Startup, click Restart Now. Wait for the Advanced Startup Options screen to appear.

c- Click Troubleshoot.

d- On the next screen, click Startup Settings. Click Restart to boot to Safe Mode.

7-    Use system restore-

By using system restore you can fix the problem. As system restores in Windows, it has given away to undo your sins. It can help when a blue screen error occurs because of the driver or software you recently installed.

8-    Using Windows 10 troubleshooter-

The problem of the blue screen can also be resolved by using the inbuilt troubleshooter of Windows 10. Go to Settings > Update and security > Troubleshoot.

9-    Delete the faulty Windows update-

The simplest and easiest way of resolving the problem of the blue screen would be uninstalling the faulty updates or apps which might corrupt data.

You can remove Windows Update by visiting Settings > Update & Recovery > Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates.

10- Reinstall Windows-

To resolve the problem of Windows blue screen error you can reinstall the Windows or update it to the latest one.

Windows 10 blue screen error, if you are getting so that means your Windows 10 around to corrupt or might be you have some problem in computer hardware. Therefore sometimes you have to get windows 10 technical support or you can contact Microsoft technical support.